Who We Are

Who we are

Who is Skywalker Rope Access?

SkyWalker Rope Access offers a multi-disciplinary, fulltime workforce to the construction, mining, energy and utilities industries.  Specializing in construction, inspection and maintenance services that involve difficult access and height safety. SkyWalker adds a sophisticated approach to client's projects, problem-solving with an uncompromised approach to safety, quality and increased efficiency.

Striving to understand our clients' needs, hiring broadly experienced professionals and designing innovative problem-solving strategies are a few of the keys to SkyWalker's ongoing success.

These key focuses, underpinned by some intentionally developed core values and 20 year's experience across multiple countries has seen SkyWalker build and maintain successful partnerships with the biggest names in Construction and Mining.

Our Team

SkyWalker takes pride in our broad experience and span of competencies. We strategically pick our employees from various trade backgrounds to grow our capacity and better serve our clients across a wide range of projects.

Simply put, we understand that to be the best, we must hire the best.  The SkyWalker team is qualified, skilled, experienced and passionate about the industry they serve in. Our hiring policy is stringent and we carefully select all those that work with us to ensure they align with our standard of excellence, our ethos, and our values.

Why Choose US?

  • We Listen, we adopt your priorities and become part of your team.
  • We Care, we adopt your challenges and have the experience to add value to the situation.
  • We take pride in our work, are passionate about innovative problem solving and achieving difficult tasks safely and efficiently.