Mining & Industrial: Safety Netting

Safety Netting

Protect your assets and avoid loss production time.

Critical success factors across the lifetime of each mining asset, mostly revolve around operational efficiency towards low cost production. Scheduled shutdowns are designed to avoid unplanned maintenance tasks during production periods. In the event of a breakdown or repair at height above machinery, safety netting is a highly effective method to protect people from the risks of both falls from height and dropped objects.  Other fall protection systems can often be not effective when used in close proximity to the ground due to stretch and shock absorber deployment. 

Safety nets can be deployed efficiently and economically by our rope access teams and ensures production time is minimised. Once installed, nets can remain safely in-situ for a short or extended period of time, depending on its intended purpose.  We also often use safety and debris nets when working with removing loose concrete, rendering, working with asbestos, broken glass etc, when materials need to be contained.  

– Fall protection netting

– Debris catchment nets

SkyWalker Rope Access are highly experienced in the design and installation of a range of complex safety netting systems and welcome your next challenge.