Green Energy: Inspection & Warranty Verification

Inspection & Warranty verification

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SkyWalker Rope Access is passionate about our involvement and promotion of renewable energy sources, so we encourage regular inspections at various stages of a wind turbine's lifecycle, to support asset productivity and minimise breakdowns. Our multi-disciplinary team of qualified technicians, apply proven inspection methods, to carry out extensive and quantitative assessments on the overall condition and performance of the blade, shaft and turbine. 
Skywalker Rope Access can help organisations develop effective Wind Turbine inspection programs that will improve early failure detection and prevention, prior to a breakdown occurrence.
Warranty maintenance and verification services can also be provided to support clients with their compliance reporting and warranty responsibilities in accordance with manufacturers specifications. Our thorough procedures and unbiased documentation allow both the wind turbine owner and manufacturer to fairly assess any identified damage to troubleshoot a likely root cause.
Inspections are only as good as the analysis, reliability and presentation of the information  gathered. SkyWalker Rope Access will inspect your assets using proven technology, tools and processes to work with you or alongside your preferred specialists to review the findings and recommend next steps for remediation.