City & Commercial: Leak Detection / Repairs

Leak Detection / Repairs

Locate, identify, and rectify the toughest leaks.

Even with an extensive maintenance program in place for preventive and routine tasks, active water leaks are still prone to troubling even the best buildings. Unfortunately locating the source of these problems can be one of the most frustrating tasks faced by Building Managers and unless they’re rectified swiftly, the potential damage can amount to a disastrous and costly exercise in quick succession.

Multi-storey buildings are incredibly difficult to troubleshoot leaks, due to the accessibility challenges of the exterior and multiple tracking points into a room either close by or sometimes even a few floors away - all depending on weather conditions.  This could be from deteriorating sealing joints, window frame movements or a number of other other contributing factors. Rope access allows our technicians to overcome this positioning problem effectively and efficiently to carry out a process of elimination on the nominated location.  

Thermal imaging detection

Our team of rope access technicians utilise FLIR thermal imaging technology to help Perth businesses troubleshoot and remediate problematic issues, before further damage incurs.

Using a combination of this innovative equipment and our fast positioning methods, we are able to quickly locate the source of most issues (moisture intrusion, air leaks or water penetration) using its advanced imagery features then identify the issue to rectify accordingly with the right sealing compound.

Following a successful deployment, a comprehensive and detailed report can be prepared highlighting the extent of the damage and evidence of thermal differences for ongoing review.