City & Commercial: Inspections


Regular inspections could make all the difference.

One of the biggest risks in multi-storey building maintenance, is complacency of routine inspections on facades, glazing, concrete panels and other hard to access structures. With the most common causes of incidents on these properties being a result of failed or deteriorated items which were not easily visible or accessible. Yet the consequence of that risk, could potentially lead to severe damage, injury or even death.

With advanced technology and a methodical process, our highly experienced rope access team offers visual and advanced inspection services including material sampling/ testing across a range of exterior substrates and structures. A comprehensive technical document can be provided with photographic evidence, detailed condition reporting and actionable solutions, if required. 

Depending on the severity of the damage identified, a facade and/ or structural engineer can be available to provide a written recommendation with options for authorised repairs required and can easily be actioned by our team of qualified trades.

SkyWalker Rope Access has a proven history with a number of leading property managers throughout Western Australia and have overcome almost every scenario possible to ensure absolute safety and longevity of your assets for total peace of mind.