City & Commercial: High Rise Cleaning

High Rise Window Cleaning

Dirty and poorly maintained building facades and windows have a negative impact on visual appearance, value and rental returns for building owners.

Building exterior cleaning and window cleaning at-height present many inaccessible challenges for property and facility managers. With decades of experience cleaning and maintaining some of Perth's tallest buildings, Skywalker Rope Access are equipped to work on an array of projects.

With the number of high-rise buildings in the city increasing all the time brings the challenging task for facilities managers to schedule regular cleaning of a building exterior.

Dust, pollen, pollution, salt residue and water stains can quickly build up and be visible from inside and outside the building unless high rise glass cleaning is carried out. If untreated these elements can create permanent stains and damage leaving a building's facade and windows dirty and unsightly.

Regular building facade cleaning and maintenance means happy tenants and high occupancy.

Periodically removing dirt from large commercial windows and structures and surfaces such glass and alpolic facades ensures happy tenants with clear visibility from their windows.

Give yourself peace of mind and let SkyWalker develop a maintenance schedule that fits your budget, protects your asset and maintains occupancy rates.

Rope Access method high-rise cleaning and maintenance means your job is done in minimal time with little disturbance to established businesses and tenants.

From structural material cleaning to building facade wash and high-rise window cleaning our experienced high rise building cleaners offer peace of mind providing the highest quality clean, crystal clear finish and lasting results, guaranteed.

High Rise Window Cleaning Service

With constant dust, pollution, rain and weathering, glass surfaces become coated with residue that leaves them dirty and difficult to see through. The longer the surface is left without a regular clean the more unsightly they become and in turn the occupants are faced with constant obscured vision from the windows.

Providing quality and efficient rope access window cleaning solutions for high-rise buildings, Hotels, Universities, shopping centres to stadiums is a core part of SkyWalker services.

High rise exterior cleaning and enhancing the glassed areas of your building using SkyWalker's systemised process is easy to put into place.

Call us today for a custom quote that is right for your property and budget. 

As one of Perth's first high rise window cleaning companies, we pride ourselves on a solid understanding of how to clean high rise windows in a fast, efficient and environmentally responsible way. This ensures we deliver outstanding clean crystal clear views every time.

Working at height to clean building exteriors and windows can present many challenges on multi story structures and difficult to access areas of buildings. Our window washers are fully insured and have decades of experience in cleaning and building maintenance on some of Perth's tallest buildings. The Skywalker Rope Access professional window cleaners are equipped to work on an array of projects including:
  • Regular Scheduled Maintenance Cleaning
  • High-Rise New Construction Cleaning
  • High-Rise Window Cleaning
  • High-Rise Building Exterior Cleaning
  • High-Rise Facade cleaning
  • High-Rise Vermin eradication and spider treatments
Great results guaranteed. 

Have the job done in minimal amount of time with little disturbance to established businesses and tenants. From structural material cleaning to building facade wash and high rise window cleaning our experienced high rise window cleaners offer peace of mind. We provide the highest quality clean windows with a crystal clear finish and lasting results - guaranteed.