City & Commercial: Facade Services

Facade Services

A fast and non-invasive approach for facade inspections, maintenance or remedial tasks

Accessing the facade of a multi-storey commercial or residential property can be a costly exercise and also present a significant inconvenience to residents and neighbouring sites. This often leads to the neglect of routine preventative maintenance that can identify potential high risk issues before they eventuate into more serious damage or possibly contribute to an avoidable accident, injury or even death.

Rope access is one of the safest positioning methods for ongoing building maintenance and allows fast mobilisation to carry out a range of tasks, but also with minimal impact on-site.  With advanced technology and a methodical process, our SkyWalker Rope Access team have developed a long-standing and trusting relationship with Property Management leaders throughout WA for the past decade.

We approach every job with an open-mind and collaborative method, to ensure the best outcome for all stakeholders involved, because there might only be one problem but there's always different solutions. Our highly experienced technicians are experts in facade inspections, condition reporting, material sampling, remediation, coating management and range of other tasks that support
 the longevity and compliance of an asset.