As the Innercity construction industry sky rockets, so does the need for innovative construction methods.  From the Confined space of tight sites, to the Sprawling Km’s of curtain wall and composite panel facades, quick access to the work position can mean the difference between winning or loosing on projects timeframes.  SkyWalker Rope Access specialise in problem solving and designing the best solution for your project completion.  Below are just some of the construction services we regularly help our clients with.  
Ducting installations:
Installation of Ducting often involves specialist access.  SkyWalker Rope Access have assisted with many installs, From Capital Square, Perth Optus Stadium and many more.
Having the right experience on your project in the right place at the right time is crucial to pull of the increasingly logistically challenging projects.  SkyWalker Rope Access’ staff boast some valuable rigging experience.  Often Rope Access is overlooked for heavy lifts.  SkyWalker Rope Access have planned and executed some very impressive rigging projects.  Skysigns, Heavy facade panels, Large structural steel installs.  Either with cranes or winches, we get the load to its destination safely and efficiently.
Roof Plumbing/Flashings installations:
Keeping your property or asset watertight is not something you want to trust to a window cleaning company.  We take the responsibility of this task very seriously.  Qualified and experienced roof plumbers and carpenters and glaziers, armed with the best technology, thermal imaging cameras, laser levels will deliver a great result first time.   Dealing with water proofing.
Facade system installations:
  • Facade panels
  • Louvre and sunshade installations 
  • Shade cloth Installations
  • Glazing panels
  • Anything that needs to be installed on your building or asset. 
Electrical installation and running cable trays:
Cities skylines are dazzlingly lit up with Sky Signs and technology, many of which SkyWalker Rope Access have installed and energized.  SkyWalker Rope Access employee rope access technicians electrical contractors licenses to bring your project to life.  SkyWalker Rope access have an electrical engineer on our team to assist with design and installation to get your project right.